Tried and Blue

Here's what the Texas Gulf Coast's top lawyers and political leaders are saying about Blue Fish and principal Attorney/Consultant Nicholas Reed:

“Nick Reed is one of the most conscientious and capable professionals with whom I have had the privilege to work. Nick not only cares about the mission before him, but just as important he also has the skill and drive to see that mission through."

-Jim McGrath, Spokesman for former President George H.W. Bush

"Nick is a true political professional who always puts the interests of the team first."

-Sue Walden, Walden & Associates

"Nick is one of the best young writers I know, one of the few young professionals I have encountered who consistently meets my high standards." 

-Mark Bennett, Bennett & Bennett

"Nick cares about his clients and never gives up on the fight. In our work together, I have learned to trust him to find the best arguments and to present them convincingly."

-David Ryan, D. M. Ryan & Associates